Nespresso Citiz

Brand: Nespresso
Product Type: Single Serving Coffee MakerEspresso Machine

The Nespresso Citiz was given to me as a gift. Didn't think I would use it, but I LOVE it! It's so nice to have a cafe coffee at home! This machine can come with or without the milk frother. I have the milk frother. This is used not just by us (my husband and I), but also our children, they like to whip themselves up a hot or cold chocolate milk. The one thing that I would wish for though....if you could buy the capsules and not have to order them. When you do order from Nespresso, the order is at your door within 2 days - excellent service! Worth every penny!


- Adaptable grid for Macchiato glass
- Container for 10 used capsules
- Water tank: 33.8 oz/1 L

Sipping Coffee

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