Gourmet Coffee Review Guide

This resource page is dedicated to Gourmet Coffee, it contains articles and product reviews about all sorts of coffees; international, flavoured and specialty drinks.

Gourmet Coffee - Variety and Choice

There is lots of talk about "Gourmet Coffee" these days. Is there any substance to the term? What makes a coffee "gourmet" and who decides it? Have a look at this article, it attempts to sift through the hype and explains some of the facts. This is an introduction to fine coffee and the endless combinations of beans, flavors and preparation techniques.

Why Coffee is Better than Energy Drinks

Now that there are so many different types of energy drinks available, many people wonder whether they are better chugging down an energy drink or sipping a steaming cup of coffee. When comparing the two different drinks it is important to take into consideration that they are vastly different, even though both can provide you with an energy boost. The primary difference between coffee and energy drinks lie in caffeine levels, health benefits and the enjoyment that is related to drinking each.

The Health Benefits of Coffee

People around the world love to begin their mornings with coffee as well as enjoy an afternoon boost with a good cup of java. For many years, there have been concerns regarding the health risks associated with drinking excess coffee. There has also been research conducted which indicate that there might actually be health benefits associated with drinking coffee as well.

Sipping Coffee

Wikipedia: Coffee Preparation

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